Uncategorized October 19, 2023

Want to Boost Your Credit Score? We’ve Got You Covered!

We all know the importance of maintaining a healthy credit score. For
good or for bad, this single number can determine your financial
future especially when it comes to homeownership. At Century 21, we’re
in the business of helping our clients navigate every step of the home
buying process and credit is a major part of that.

In the spirit of empowering you to own your credit story, here are
some key pieces of advice:

1. Make all payments on time: Late payments can seriously dent your
credit score.
2. Don’t max out your credit cards: It’s healthier for your credit
score to use only a portion of your available credit.
3. Check your credit report periodically: Mistakes do happen! Regular
checks can prevent unexpected surprises.

Remember, improving your credit score isn’t a one-time task—it’s a
process. Patience and persistence are your allies in this journey.

As an expert agent at Century 21, I have a network of lenders who can
help you navigate your credit journey. Let’s talk soon and further
discuss how you can positively impact your financial future and put
you in a position to purchase a home.